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1. operates only with american dollars.

2. Polish version of is available only for facilitate site handling.

3. cooperates with

4. All financial operations in are maintenaned with for today.

5. Every user is obligate to pay for his coupon which gives you a right to be in draw. Your coupon is your basic to get a prize or to withdraw money.

6. Every user is statued to withdraw his program money to Minimum is setted up for 0.01$, paid within 48h after withdraw request. This time is caused big amount of payments, which are time-taking.

7. Every user accepts this terms.

8. In case of terms change, every user can cancel his account. Before you do that, you need to withdraw all money to your account first. It means that we delete only accounts balanced for 0.00$

9. Minimum payment for solved 2 figures is 0.05$
Minimum payment for solved 3 figures is 0.15$
Minimum payment for solved 4 figures is 1.00$
Minimum payment for solved 5 figures is 10.00$
Minimum payment for solved 6 figures is 50.00$
Prizes can be changed.

10. If more that one user will win main prize, it's divided between this users.

New account e-Gold.


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