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Frequently asked questions

1. What is all about?

It's simple game "6 from 39". All it looks as follows. Every concerned chooses six from thirty nine available figures. After paying for coupon worth 0.1$ (ten cents) for one raffle, it's added to all coupons which are in draw. At day, when we are running raffle, at schelued time there is a short draw, when all people which bought draw coupons are getting info about figures, which were taken by draw scripts. You are going to be rewarded from 2 solved figures. Level of your reward is specificated in terms.

2. Why do i have to pay that 10 cents?

Every ten cents paid for coupon increased main prize. For the beginning, owner of the site gives main prize of 50$. This amount can be higher. Every coupon increases mail prize for 7 cents.

3. Why 7 cents if i pay 10?

Amount that you pay for your coupon is divided. There is not only one winner in Remeber, that you can be winner already after solving 2 figures!

Equals looks like that:
10c* = 7c*** + 2c** + 1c***
c - Cent
* - Coupon price.
** - Capital for winners from 2 to 5 figures.
*** - Main Prize.
**** - Referral's commision.

4. When will I get my prize to my account?

Prizes in american dollars are paid to your account already, after a draw.

5. When will I get money to my e-gold's account?

We will pay you within 48h after receiving your withdraw request. This time is necessary, because of processing loads of withdraws, which needs time due to safety.

6. What kind of benefits will I get which promoting

Every new member, referred by you gives you 1% of their money spent on very single coupon. Person referred by you is a user which sign up with your ref-link, which is available after logging into your account.

7. 1% it's not too much... Why only 1%? is a honest system, which tries to keep a low maintenance costs. That's why one coupon is worth 10c. By referring a program, you will receive 1% of every payment made for Basicly it looks like that:
1 referral x0,10$x1%=0,001$
10 referrals x0,10$x1%=0,01$
100 referrals x0,10$x1%=0,10$
1000 referrals x0,10$x1%=1$

with every draw.

This sum is available already after payment for coupon (by referral). This bonus you can spend for buying your own coupon or you can withdraw that on your account.

8. What will happen, if nobody wins main prize?

IF this will happen (no one will solve 6 figures), main prize is dived for 2 half. First one is going to be added for a new draw main prize. Second one is going to increase prizes from 2 to 5 solved figures.

9. How can i pay for my coupon?

You can pay for your coupon with When you subscribe to our program, you receive our e-gold's account number, after choosing your figures, script automatically will transfer you to payment page, so you can spend money for your coupon without any complications. You will need to pay after choosing numbers.

10. What criterias are on the page if i want to be one of your users?

You have to be over 14, and you need an account. That's it.

New account e-Gold.


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